AIMM Therapeutics BV is an Amsterdam based biotech company that develops human monoclonal antibodies for the treatment of cancer. AIMM was established twelve years ago on the belief that scientists could harness the power of specific immune cells to develop clinically relevant antibody therapies while avoiding the inefficiencies inherent to other techniques. Today this proprietary platform technology is well validated as evidenced by the two AIMM antibodies now in human clinical trials and the deep pipeline that AIMM is currently advancing in cancer.

AIMM Therapeutics uses its AIMSelect™ technology to immortalize with unprecedented efficiencies and to select B cells from either individual patients or animals with transgenic immune systems that produce antibodies with high therapeutic value. In the case of transgenic animals, such as AIMM’s proprietary mouse model with a human immune system, AIMM is able to immortalize nearly the entire B cell repertoire of the animal. AIMM antibodies can be further affinity matured in a proprietary AIMProve™ process that does not require molecular engineering.

The first generation of AIMM antibodies targeted infectious diseases that included Influenza, Respiratory Syncytial virus (RSV), and Methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA). These programs were subsequently licensed to large biopharmaceutical companies and are currently undergoing late stage preclinical development. AIMM has initiated additional programs in the areas of infectious diseases, oncology, inflammation, and autoimmune diseases. The infectious disease programs include antibodies against Cytomegalo virus (CMV) and Hepatitis C virus (HCV). In oncology, AIMM has identified antibodies against selective tumor associated antigens on melanomas and certain leukemias.

AIMM Therapeutics’ uses its proprietary platform technology for the efficient selection, characterisation and affinity maturation of antibodies. Currently we are advancing several unique and exciting antibodies programs through discovery Research and preclinical Development.  As a result we are growing our organisation to support our expansion in both Research and Development.